Explosion Proof Air Conditioners

ExProofAC.com supplies Explosion Proof Air Conditioners in various models for the Global market. We ship to the Middle-East, Africa and India on Request. All our goods come supplied with the proper ATEX Certificate, which depends on the zone classification and whether the explosive atmosphere is caused by dust or gas.

Our Product Range

We modify air conditioners from high-end brands to comply with ATEX regulations for ATEX Zone 2/22 (gas and dust explosive atmospheres) and zone 1/21 in some cases. More information about ATEX zones can be found further down the page.


We mainly supply split-unit systems, consisting of an Outdoor Unit combined with a:

  • Wall-Mounted Unit
  • Cassette Unit
  • Ceiling Suspended Unit
  • Ducted A/C system
We also offer multi split systems, consisting of multiple indoor units. Monoblocks are also available by means of a window unit.

A visual overview of our Explosion Proof Air Conditioners:

Explosion Proof Air Conditioners Models ATEX
Atex Certified Air Conditioners in different models

Cooling Capacity & Refrigerants

Cooling capacities may be noted in kW, BTU/hr or RT. We supply our Explosion proof Air Conditioners in 2kW – 14kW (respectively 6825 – 47770 btu/hr, or 0.57 – 3.98 RT). Cooling Capacity is calculated based on many factors such as room size, outdoor temperature, isolation of the building, whether there are heat generating machines or not, desired indoor temperature and any other factor that influences room temperature. While we can make estimates on your required cooling capacity, it is recommend you have an agency calculate the exact cooling capacity you require.

We supply our air conditioners with refrigerants R410-A or R32. R32 is an environment friendly alternative to the original R410-A, reducing electricity consumption by about 10%. Contact us for shipping estimates when deciding whether you should choose R32 or R410-A.

Specific Requirements & Bespoke Solutions

If required, we supply our explosion proof air conditioners with corrosion protection, suited for the marine and offshore industry. In some countries or hazardous areas, air conditioners are exposed to high ambient temperature. Special air conditioners are required in this case.

Furthermore we are able to engineer and produce one of a kind air conditioners, e.g. extra small units to fit into tight spaces such as crane cabinets, portable air conditioners, etc. Contact us for your special solution

ATEX Zones and Equipment Categories

Our goods are legally explosion proof in accordance with the ATEX Regulations. ATEX equipment is classified in Zones 0/20, Zones 1/21 and Zones 2/22, ranging from very high risk to medium risk levels respectively. Zones 0 – 2 apply to gas explosive atmospheres, whereas zones 20 – 22 apply to dust explosive atmospheres. An ATEX consultant determines what ATEX zones apply to your explosive atmosphere in an explosion protection document.

Equipment Categories 1, 2 and 3 apply to ATEX Zones 0/20, 1/21, 2/22 respectively. Normally, we only supply Explosion Proof Air Conditioners for zones 2/22 (equipment category 3), as zone 2/22 is the most common explosive atmosphere to require air conditioning. In most cases equipment category 3 can also be used when equipment category 2 is required, by lowering the ATEX Zone classification. Advice on this subject will be given, if you send us an e-mail.


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